I was diagnosed with PTSD and severe panic attacks several years ago. I got on medicine and a few years after was able to cut myself down and practiced more inner tools to resolve the symptoms. Then I was in a situation that really caused me a nervous breakdown and severe muscle spasms. My GP has me on Zoloft, Welbutrin, and Paxil. I can still go into crying spells for literally no reason but I still recently cut down the Zoloft and now two days into not taking the Welbutrin. Having intercourse now is almost too intense to take. I stop breathing can't move and immediately go into a panic attack. There are long periods of time where I am not breathing. Don't get me wrong the feeling is pretty awesome but I'm just wondering if anyone else experiences this and is it something I should be worried about. I'm a little nervous to bring this up to my doctor as it's kinda embarrassing. I appreciate your input.