... smack,I find myself talking to someone but I cant recall what this goes on for about10 minutes and ill turn to ask the person a question face to face because when I talk to it I can see it in my side vision well when I try to ask them face-to face there is nobody there absolutly nobody even near me.I thought I was crazy,It happened twice to me and the weird part is I cant remember what I was talming about,So I never said anything about it cause it sounds likeI landed in the deep end,But a couple of weeks ago my good friend who I never told he explained everything I just said.But like I said I was on a fairly big dose of benzos and heroin.When I heard him tell me I thanked god someone else experienced the Same thing.my theory is im so close to death that I seen a spirit and talked to it,by no means was it evil.Im wondering if this happened to anybody else??sorry to ramble on