Im not ready to completly free myself of all substance. But methadone was used for addiction and pain before suboxone was, and I want to be completely substance free when Im ready. How should I bring this conversation up to a new docter, that might help me increase my chances of switching to methadone, I have NO desire of abusing my prescriptions, I just want to feel OK and functional, and when I am ready, and my hip pain is better, than I might be ready to give it up. I have a docter right now and i spoke with her about switching me from subutex to methadone for financial reasons, but she is uncomfortable with it. She is currently giving me my subutex (i am allergic to naloxone so I cant take suboxone). But paying for the treatment is unrealistic for me, i cant afford it. So i think methadone would be a better choice. I am scared that the docter will see me as a pill seeker instead of someone seeking help, So i dont want to waste my time and money at pointless appointments. I really need some advice.