... for panic disorder... i feel awfel.. i have jittery eyes, i cry alot and about abillion other issues.. i quit taking them because the worse i got over the past 4 years the higher dosage my doctor gave me until i was humongous overweight and all i wanted to do was lay around... im so confused and so upset that i feel the way that i do now because i feel that in order to be able to have a knormal energy lev and not weigh a million pounds is to suffer my panic attacks... i have been on soooo many medications frm the time i was about 10 until now 34 on and off and that only time i have been thin at all is when i am medicine free... so for me its either panic, thinner and at least sort of healthy or zombie and depressed and fat... ive had suicidal thoughts .. lots and that scares the hell out of me ... i am so confused