... 8mg/day for over 25 yrs (disabling panic attacks), down to 6mg 3 yrs ago, now 4mg for 2 mos. All of a sudden, prescribers are scared to death of DEA and have told me so. NP will not prescribe w/o seeing me monthly, and the cost is now $100/mth, plus the cost of meds. This is a terrifying nightmare, and I want nothing more than to be rid of this ball and chain medication for good! I'm scared to death that if we don't go broke, the psychiatric NP will eventually tell me that another new law passed outlawing it altogether! I have to see the NP until I can get off of this, if ever, and I don't want to tell her I'm tapering off in case I can't do it. I don't know how much to cut and when. This woman is so afraid of the DEA, that she just showed me on her PC what she has to do just to prescribe it. Even my own PCP, who prescribed for years, "isn't comfortable" prescribing it, so I have nowhere to turn. I also need some kind of support to let me know it can be done, so I can breathe. I cannot be a slave to this med anymore. Can anyone help?

Thank you,