23 years old, wrestled in college, lift weights 5 and run, and eat very healthy. I ate an edible and had a severe anxiety/ panic attack in march. I have been on few meds (currently celexa) and ever since then I have had chest pressure / very very little pains but it bothers me. Every time I get it... i notice it and worry a ton. Then I start to think something is wrong with heart and then had obsessive thoughts about it causes chest tightness to stay a while.
Now when I'm busy or doing something fun I don't notice it but as soon as I think hey haven't thought about it lately boom... chest tightness. It has really been bothering me and I think it's the only thing holding me back from getting better

When I went to ER back in march they found nothing. EKG was good all tests were good.

My question: Does this situation sound like anxiety induced ?