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Can anxiety cause your heart to beat fast almost all day? Sometimes I also get palpitations. I don'?

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granny50 3 Mar 2012

yes, it can. I have had it do it to me. I have also had a tight chest and a feeling of jumping from my chest. I have had a EKG and was told it was anxiety.

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smoovechic 3 Mar 2012

Its so hard to deal with anxiety when you have to take care of 2 little kids. I seem to have it all day. Sucks. I have had 2 neck surgerys & been on norco 8 or 9 a day for 2years. I also have a medicine called klonopin. I have 0 energy when I take it but it seems to work with the heart stuff a little. I'm trying to get off norco medicine. But fear the withdraws. Thank you for answering my comment. You have been a big help. Thank you soooo much.

smoovechic 3 Mar 2012

I feel that way too. Jumpy, jittery and my heart just races. My doctor says I'm fine also its anxiety. He has tried a lot of ssri's but I get major side effect when taking them. I try to exercise cause my DR says its the best for Anxiety but when I do sometimes it makes it worse. Anyways thank you again for listening.

franklin8905 3 Mar 2012

Has your doctor tried Inderal or Visteral or even Benadryl. All of these have been a help to me with the anxiety. I have also had problems with SSRI side effects. The ones I have taken seem to make me worse. I end up with depression or worse on them. It also helps me to do deep breathing and mediation. I am new to the anxiety disorder so I understand it takes alot out of you. Good luck and know that it will get better.

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smoovechic 3 Mar 2012

I have not tried inderal or visteral. Is it a beta blocker? Do you take benadryl everyday for anxiety? I have tried benadryl for sleep before & sometimes it makes me jittery & I can't sleep. Should I take benadryl everyday to help anxiety? Is your anxiety gone or do you still deal with it? If u don't mind me asking. Thank you for helping me out with anxiety. Its horrible.

smoovechic 3 Mar 2012

I have it right when I get out of bed. My heart starts to race & just feel bad. I go up & down my stairs feeling weak & wish it would go away. Sometimes I don't have it but its rare. I actucally don't get the panic attacks which only last 30mins to 1hr. I have it all day usually. So anxiety can be with you 24hours a day? I hope it goes away soon.

Robin81362 12 Jan 2017

Yes anxiety can cause your heart to race all day. I have had that going on all day today very draining

Regina Demauro 29 Dec 2017

Yes it can my pulse rate is over 100 all day how can you improve it? free discount card

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