... is harder to stop taking it than Xanax and Heroin. I can't even feel it when I take it so can this info be true? It seems to work... partially. I have far fewer panic attacks than with 60 mgs.of Xanax per day that I used to take. I take it all at bedtime to "help me sleep" but it is ineffective regarding my insomnia and jitters so learning this was shocking. I may need it the rest of my life but I am still a bit concerned at the thought of such severe withdrawels should I find myself without any for more than 2 or 3 days. The fear of being stranded someplace during an earthquake, tsunami, etc.and running out of Klonipin is always in the back of my mind keeping me more agitated. Wow, those words look like what a Heroin addict must think about all the time. Being a slave to ANYthing to this degree is truly frightening. Anyone more experienced with this medication than I am? TIA