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Can anxiety cause hand tremors, and if so what is the best medicine to eliminate the tremors?

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kaismama 26 Aug 2014

If you have the tremors all the time its not anxiety. There is something called essential tremors and there is meds but you need to see a dr and find out if that's what you have. Also are you on any medication? Meds can cause it sometimes.

balbanese 26 Aug 2014

Yes it can, depending on the source cause of the anxiety. It can also be a symptom of another disorder. See a Dr so you can be sure of the cause and get the proper treatment.

shelly1603 27 Aug 2014

There are so many different causes of hand tremor s that only your doctor can diagnose this but once anxiety is given as the reason why you have the tremors there is various things you can do. The adrenaline your body produces causes blood vessels to constrict,also muscle tension, thoughts of the tremor, can all lead to anxiety tremors.
If its anxiety tremors meds aren't always the best thing to use to treat them. Exercise to use up the extra adrenaline in your body can help, sometimes even just making sure by visiting your doctor that anxiety is behind this can help by putting your mind at ease, and thus not feeding into the cycle of anxious thoughts which can make the tremors worse. Hope this helps a little.

endlessPred 6 Sep 2014

There is also familial tremors. They run in families with people who also have anxiety. If you can grab a spoon and it does not shake it is not essential tremors. Many medications can cause tremors as do various diseases. Have your doctor evaluate. Eat a well balanced diet, drink lots of water (dehydration can also cause this), and watch when they happen. Anxiety can be treated. Wishing you wellness. free discount card

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