I began taking Vicodin for chronic pain. I found an addiction doctor and started taking suboxone. I've been on THAT for over a year. At one point, my insurance changed and my doctor was no longer accepting my insurance. I had gone a day or so without suboxone and thought, well, that's THAT! I'll just quit it! WRONG! It was a holiday weekend and one of the WORST experiences of my entire LIFE! I need a new word because "anxiety" just doesn't cut the reaction from stopping Subs!
I'm seeing my current doctor next week and want to discuss either rapid detox OR taking Xanax or Valium to help with the screaming anxiety. The rest of the symptoms I can deal with... the anxiety, no WAY!
Any advice??? I've been in and out of recovery for a long, LONG time and know that I'm mentally READY to be free and clear of ALL of this. I'm simply TERRIFIED of the anxiety...
I should add... I've been on Suboxone for over a YEAR... seems like FOREVER!!