I obviously need to see a doctor but I love the community here and would like someone to chime in.
I have always been a "normal" person, with no family history of anxiety or depression, I have always been a bubbly and free person.
I've been dating my boyfriend for 2.5 years. My boyfriend left for college in Sep 2013, and I was fine. We are 6 hours apart.
Ever since April 2014, I've had a problem.
It was like one day my brain or something came up with the irrational thought of "what if I don't love him?"
It went away after a day, but came back even stronger and scarier in July 2014, and only died out a small amount until the end of August 2014.
I really love my boyfriend and I see us staying together for a really long time.
The feeling I get when those thoughts come up is my stomach dropping and my heart feels "funny" (sorry bad detail)
I'm just wondering if this is an emotional problem or a mental one. Is this anxiety? Is this just me missing my boyfriend? Overthinking?
Would love to hear what people think.
Thank you