... without him thinking that I am some sort of drug addict? I have anxiety maybe 3 times per month, and on those occasions my g/f will give me one of her .25mg xanex, and it gets rid of my anxiety. I would say that over the past 6 months I have maybe taken a total of 3-5mg total. I can remember like 6 times that I have taken 1-.25mg tablet, and a few times when i have taken 1 or 1.5 tablets. Should I just explain that to my doctor? My g/f gets 30-.25mg tablets per month, which usually covers her needs plus mine and then some, but I don't want to keep taking someone else's prescription. I feel however, that my doctor would think I'm some kind of drug addict, because I have tattoos, and I do drink socially, albeit rarely.
The times that I do have anxiety are very severe, I feel like my chest is exploding inwards, I get crazy heartburn, my vision gets blurry, and I cant talk or think. It is incredibly intense, however, I don't need (or want) a large dosage of xanex, as I hear it is very addictive. Sorry that this was so long-winded. Thank You