So I'm going to one doctor right now but he seems to not really listen closely to what I'm telling him or he forgets . I'm have very bad anxiety & social anxiety as well so just going to see my doctor makes it a bit worse cuz he's not understanding how difficult my life is and how bad & severe my anxiety disorder is and that I also have panic attacks due to my social anxiety, he has me on zoloft 100mlg which hasn't done anything acually & he did put me on zanex 0.5 mlg but then he took me off and put me on kolonpin for a two weeks which didn't do one thing for any of problems & today I came in and he put me again on zanex but this time on 0.25 WTF EXCUSE MY FRENCH but seriously who goes and puts me on 0.5 &then 0.25 doesn't make sense right? I told him Zanex worked great but needed to probably go up a dose he said first let's try klonipin and will go from there ... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP WHAT WORKS FOR SOCIAL ANXIETY? WHAT WORKS FOR MY CRAZY OCD ? AND MY ANXIETY DISORDER?