Firstly, not looking for a diagnosis, just contributions.

I've been on Prozac 40mg, which did nothing.
I'm currently on Lexapro 30mg, which has seemed to have sporadic but not consistent effects.

Before starting the lexapro, my main complaint would have been anxiety, but the other symptoms I have are low energy levels, tired all the time, poor concentration etc. I can't work because of it, and had to give up my sport, my passion - which has been by far the hardest thing.

I also experience a lot of social agitation and sometime aggression.

Like I said, anxiety, crying spells, a feeling of hopelessness about my future; they were the main complaints, but the lexapro has helped with that.
I don't cry anymore.

But my energy hasn't returned to the point where I am really in any way functional.

Is it a matter of just experimenting with different medications until I find one that works best?

The doc also put me on Mirtazipine a couple days ago cause I wanted him to give me something that would help me sleep.

I feel super lethargic since starting it, but it's only been a couple days. Plus, maybe I'd just feel like that anyways...
It seems to knock me out at night ,but I wake up early still, and don't have extra energy from the extra sleep.