I started urinating frequently again. Before it was due to anxiety. The only anxiety I have now is that I am on vacation this week. And even today, I don't know what to do with myself! It was really driving me crazy this morning. I got up at around 4:30 to go to the bathroom and I could not get back to sleep right away to save my life! I By the time I did go back to sleep, I got up at 8:10 to pee again. So it was every two hours. I got up and I was So tired. I guess I should be thankful I make it to the bathroom in time. Sometimes, I wonder. It feels sometimes that my bladder is wo eak from urinating so much in the past, that I feel it's gonna come out of me any second. do that alot and it drives me CRAZY! I finally end up taking my medciation earlier than I'd like ( just to go back to sleep) and it finally kicks in. I find the Klonopin is taking longer and longer to work because I've been on it too long. 1994. I just went to the psychiatrist yesterday and everything was fine. I told him the anixety is pretty much gone. It was. Then last night before I went to bed, I don't know HOW many times I got up. When I feel my bladder muscles contract, or when my lower back hurts. I know what's coming. I figure, " Why fight it?" Just go. I get concerned because when this starts, I get the feeling inside that I want to say, "forget it." "I can't do this anymore. " I started getting a little dizzy yesterday and that is from anxiety. I really have nothing to be anxious about! I'm just tired right now. I hate when this happens. Thanks guys!