Okay here I go again, I was wondering if anyone with severe anxiety attacks believe they associated with being a hypochondriac? For example I have not been sleeping well at night, and I am up usually by 3:00am, so this morning I have my coffee and feel some pressure in my chest which feels like gas, which I have been burping, I then start having a panic attack thinking the worst, I took a 1mg xanax and still feel panicky. For those that have heard my many anxiety questions and stories, my doctor did increase my dosage of xanax from 1mg once a day to 1mg 2's a day. I am just wondering why the xanax is not calming me down, has anyone ever had this happen to them? I worry about any little pain I have, which can lead to a panic attack... I'm just a mess it seems. How long does it take the xanax to kick in?