Greetings everyone I guess we understand the feeling that we go through, therefore I want to start describing my situation, I started taking Cipralex from two years and I gained a lot of weights but the medicines is super good except the two side effect that it has sexual desire and craving for food, after checking several doctors, one doctor advises me I don't need anti stress thus we started getting out of Cipralex it took me three months to stop it completely and been 9 months without it, after couple of months my situation started to getting bad and week after week its getting worse, I checked a new doctor and described for him the feeling of fear, stress, panic attack, short breath and depression so he suggested to go back on Cipralex and till it kick it I need to take Xanax twice daily one pill at morning and one at evening also am taking Cipralex before bed time, I was wondering why its taking that much of time to kick it from two years it took me one week to see the difference now the only surviving pill is Xanax 0.5mg and Cipralex 10 mg, your support and tips is appreciated specially now my wife is pregnant and she needs me around in addition I don't want this to affect my work.

Thank you.