its been 10 years I am suffering from anxiety. 4 years ago I finally decided to do something about it and saw a doctor, he subscribed me "Effexor 75MG". It worked great for me... until recently 2 months ago I decided to stop taking it (since I was feeling better).

Now I am moving to a new house, and anxiety is back at it again with FULL FORCE, everything about the new place is giving me a panic attack, I started Effexor again 3 days ago, and seems like its not working at all. I feel like crying and don't feel happy at all. Heart is racing and body is shaking.

I am waiting for doctors appointment next week, but I am worried Effexor will no longer work for me. I cant eat sleep and constantly having OCD thoughts about new house, thoughts that I cannot stop.

Does anyone have any tips to STOP the OCD thoughts and experience about Effexor.