the other night I was woke up by my boyfriend who had a accident at his work, screaming my name because he was in pain. I was dead asleep when he called my name,but knew why he yelled. I went to get his pain meds to ease the pain and i felt fine just a little tired. As a couple mins came on, I felt extremely sick to my stomach as if i had to throw up. I ran to the bathroom and did not throw up. I did have a bowel movement, and i looked into the mirror and my face was white as a ghost. My face and throat felt as if it was ice and I could feel the heat off my body on my neck. I made my way back to the bedroom to him but I blacked out and collaspe because I couldn't hold myself up. I laid there for a little bit and finally crawled my way to the beside. I couldn't lift him up to even get him to sit up due to his fractured pelvis. I was shakey and it seemed to feel better if I was sitting down or laying down. It scared me half to death, I have never had this feeling ever in my life and i'm only 20. Could this just be from all the stress over the accident or something more?