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I have anxiety, arthritis, abdominal pain, and seizures, what cocktail of meds should I be on?

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HeadStarter 12 Nov 2013

Sometimes it does take a "cocktail of meds before our symptoms become nothing more than a painful nuisance. However, without knowing you and your medical history... it is impossible to recommend medications for you and we would be doing you a dis-service by suggesting we know more about you and your state-of-health than doctors who have seen you.

I think the question should be... "what type of doctors should I be seeing for my symptoms"? Personally, for anxiety and any other meds which affect emotions... a psychiatrist. For arthritis, a rheumatologist... for seizures, a neurologist...

I believe I covered your symptoms but if I missed one, I will add the specialist for it. Doctors really don't like it when a patient requests specific types of meds...

I wish you a peaceful yet enlightening journey that will empower you.

kathyhanson 12 Nov 2013

Great reply HS! Well said.

lauramorrick 12 Nov 2013

I have all the symtoms as U & as HS said, those are the drs I see as well as a PM dr. Takes some time to make all the rounds but it's worth it!

HeadStarter 13 Nov 2013

Thanks Kathy...

HeadStarter 14 Nov 2013

You sure are right in that regard, Laura. It does take time to make the rounds. It is worth to see the appropriate doctor or specialist to treat the patient more effectively.

I hope our poster is doing well and getting the appropriate care...

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