... inside to the point of blowing up! I suffer from chronic back/hip pain and take kadian 60mg 2xday. I am just so mad and angry at everyone around me. I have no patience at all and at time just feel like smashing whatever I can get my hands on. I try to explain this to the dr. but with all the drs I have seen to try and fix my back they all seem to disreguard it. They all say I'm depressed. I don't really feel like I have anything to be happy about. I can't work anymore because it causes so much pain. I think I would be better off all alone. I have 3 kids, 16, 14, & 12. I am engaged but I'm probably messing that up because I am so mean anymore. I am tired of being miserable all the time. Please someone respond, I will answer any ? or info I may have left out. I don't seem to get anywhere with the dr. so I thought advice here would maybe help. thx in advance