One night after play practice I totally lost it and thought I was going to die. The hospital told me I had a panic attack and sent my home with Xanax and told me I also had GERD. After multiple ER and doctor visits over six months I had finally given up and was ready to die. For six months my body had been going "downhill." I had lost ten pounds in a month, had terrible chest pain, was tired all the time, and lost interest in things that were important to me. Finally, my doctor ran an EKG and found that I actually had a heart condition. I was relieved to find out that I wasn't making my symptoms up and wasn't going crazy. I have recently undergone heart surgery and my recovery is going well. I am still taking xanax for my anxiety, but I am getting impatient and just want to get my life back to what it was. I have tried massage, relaxation music, yoga, etc. but feel like I am not getting the results I want quick enough. People keep telling me to be relax and don't rush things, but that makes me even more frustrated. Can anyone help me get through this?