He is on 80mg of prozac a day, and .5mg twice a day xanax prn. He seems to be getting worse. He is 33. He has a 15 month old daughter. I just think he needs some counseling. The mom and him have been apart for about a year. He has been trying to get back together the whole time, but she did not want to. And now she is thinking about it and I can tell it's driving him crazy. She has been leading him on for about 2 weeks now. He does nothing but text her all day and sits on facebook. He lives with me, and we have his daughter with us most of the time, I just love her, she keeps me going. But he is driving me nuts now, and I really do not like his ex, and neither does the rest of our family, because of how she treated him, but that is even a longer story. Please Help... Thanks. Oh and I'm putting this on the pain site too cause alot of you know me there.