I never take medicine for anything.Im afraid of pills but my husband cheated on me and then I started having anxiety now it's 24/7 my doctor prescribed me .50mg of Xanax and it works great for me but he isn't allowed to prescribe me but 1 a day which last 4 hrs so for 20hrs I'm having anxiety so he gave me a Valium which I actually over dosed on then I was given another pill I took for 1 week but it never helped and for 1 hr each time I would take it I had to lay in front of the ac because I would faint if I didn't now I took 1 2.5mg of Paxil and 3 hours later out of no where I had the WORSE anxiety of my life I had my phone ready to call 911 but my husband said make Urself puke.I puked and took a half of a Xanax I felt a tiny bit better but then for 3 days after I can't eat and I can barely take care of my kids,the house,& my husband.I know my body is very sensitive to everything but is this normal because they told me they will have to keep giving me different medicine still to see what works.Im really afraid.