I was rx'd Aciphex for acid reflux for about 1 1/2 years. I stopped taking it for about 2 weeks because of the copay. My acne started going away. Started eating Tums a lot so refilled the RX. Then I learned that Aciphex has antihistamines in it. Went back to Dr. and he gave me samples of Dexilant. I've been on a Methylprednisone Dose pack for almost a week and while taking Dexilant, still have some scalp & face acne. Usually the prednisone kills whatever it is in my system to develop the acne. I'm still getting some even with the prednisone and haven't been able to determine if Dexilant ALSO has antihistamines. If so, then I need something else for the acid reflux as I cannot take antihistamines over long periods of time - the result being the acne. Any suggestions/comments?