Currently freaking out. I was told that I would be fine if I had sex without a barrier method while on Antifungal tablets, because I was told that they wouldn't affect my birth control.
I had sex without a barrier method 4 times on the weekend of Jan 16 - 18th.
I am due for my period on Thursday (4 days from now).
I am taking monophasic combined birth control pills, I have been for around 3 years. I have never missed a pill. The latest I've taken a pill in the last 3 months was around 5 minutes after the usual time that I take it.

My last period on birth control was back in November. I was due for my period on Christmas Day, so I started a new pack, and skipped that period on purpose. Then, my period was due on the 15th of Jan, so I skipped that period on purpose again (I was travelling and seeing my boyfriend).
How at risk am I here? I can't believe this is happening. I was told that it would be okay, but now I am hearing otherwise.

Just looking for some insight.
Thank you