... about eight years. I take 300 mg, 100 a.m. and 200 at 2 PM. After I was on Lamictal a few years I started having episodes of body swaying,losing use of legs, slurred speech. Went to the ER three times and they thought I was having Tia's (mini stokes), but over the years they ruled that out. My med. management doctor did blood work to see if there was a toxic amount of Lamictal in my system. The labs came back normal, so my doctor determined it wasn't related to the Lamictal. When I have these episodes my body starts swaying back-and-forth, legs give out and speech is slurred. It last 5 to 10 minutes. I've noticed recently it happens when I take my 2 PM dose on an empty stomach. Doesn't happen frequently. Has anyone else had this experience with Lamictal.