I'm a 21 years old and lost my mom this past December 2009. The first antidepressant my rhuematologist put me on was lexapro, but I started having really bad headaches, so I tried paxil... but quickly stopped taking that because my once thriving sex drive became non-existant. So, for the past 2 weeks I have been on 150 mg wellbutrin xl. I am having really bad nausea some days, and it feels like I have a lump in my throat and my jaw muscles get really tight... I also have a Mirena IUD and until now haven't had problems with it like I am having now... I am getting cramps all the time, and add that to the nausea and it keeps me in bed all day feeling like crap... I am starting to wonder if there is any antidepressant that won't have a serious side effect... I don't know whether I should just wait it out (bc so far I think wellbutrin has helped my depression the most) and see if the side effects start going away after some time, or if I need to lower my dose (I only weigh 120 lbs) or just stop taking it all together and try yet another antidepressant?