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Are there any antidepressants that can be safely taken with Tramadol?

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janiebme 17 Feb 2016

You can use the med checker on this site or other sites. You can also call or go speak to a pharmacist they are knowledgable with the interactions of pharmaceuticals. Hope this helps.

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Delila 18 Feb 2016

HI, unfortunately all antidepressants, regardless of drug class, can interact with Tramadol. The major risk being the possibility of developing Serotonin Syndrome, which in extreme cases can cause death. You might want to look up the symptoms of this... I would advise you to discuss with your doctor changing to an alternative analgesic if you need to take antidepressants.

Lyndsaygirl 11 Dec 2017

Hi. I have inflammatory bowells disease. I also have chronic back and joint pain. My doctor put me on Tramadol 400mg to try and stop the bowells disease from leaving me in the toilet constantly. I was on paroxatine and I had to go off it so I could take the Tramadol.
We then tried Valdoxan, no interaction after 6 weeks. Unfortunately Valdoxan is not on the PBS in Australia. It would cost me $124 a month to stay on this med as I need 2 a day. It was helping me sleep and made things a whole lot better. Why is it that the only drug that I can take with Tramadol is so expensive? free discount card

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