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Do antidepressants relieve arthritic pain or chronic pain? Or do they cause pain?

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masso 12 Feb 2016


Cymbalta is used in the treatment of chronic pain; fibromyalgia; anxiety; back pain; depression (and more), and belongs to the drug class serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors.

Not all antidepressants help with pain, but as you have read in this case Cymbalta does help.

suzmarie 29 Oct 2016

I would read all of the warnings regarding Cymbalta before taking it. Make sure that you understand the side effects and withdrawal symptoms/ possibilities. These drugs need to be weighed using pro's and con's. Be careful.

Delila 12 Feb 2016

Hi, i was prescribed Amitriptyline (which is a tricyclic antidepressant) to help relieve pain and help me sleep when i had a back injury some years ago, and it was very successful.

chuck1957 12 Feb 2016

Yes Delia true they have done no testing but they have found out many years ago on a trial study of diabetics that many were given a low dose of amitriptyline and almost all of them the severe leg pains that diabetics get has gone away and now is used by doctors that know about this as a cheap way of helping many with severe pain to be able to handle it. But not approved for this use its off label. The only 2 I now are Cymbalta and Lyrica that have antidepressant and pain in mind when the doctor prescribes it. As long as they work that Is what counts. I do know when I started Effexor xr Years ago and still taking it I WAS able to reduce my chronic pain management medications in less than half. and that is even after more pain from my Cancer treatment. sorry for budding in folks not a lot of testing done on many of these so won't be found on many sites. thanks

Inactive 13 Feb 2016

Chuck, do you by any chance know if bupropion sr is known to help alleviate pain? I had a friend who took it who had depression along with chronic fatigue syndrome and she said it helped to alleviate her pain caused by the CFS. Do you know of anyone having a similar experience?

chuck1957 15 Feb 2016

G mc; Yes really Ibuprofen is pretty effective for the pain it's worth a try Check with your doctor to see how many you can take at a time if your going to use the 200mg and make sure you take it with something in your stomach. It has done wonders for many and myself this point. But with all you are taking give your doctor a call. so it well be in your chart for any Interactions have a good Valentines day

Srr1111 29 Oct 2016

Cymbalta, Effexor, Lyrica and Savella are all anti-depressants used to treat pain for fibromyalgia (and there are more, those are what quickly came to mind).

Unfortunately some people experience painful side effects but usually more like nausea type ill and then it passes, otherwise the medication is probably not a good fit for you. And there are many other types of medications used for this type of pain.

Inactive 29 Oct 2016

In my case, I think wellbutrin helps me with joint pain. I can't claim for sure that it does, because it is not prescribed for that reason. I have had a problem in the past with diverticulitis, and it keeps my digestive system in check My gastroenterologist said that wellbutrin is a good med for people with bowel problems.. It seems like every time I quit taking wellbutrin, in a matter of a few days, my joint pain, swelling in my knees, and stomach upset returns. That's just my personal experience with it. I wonder if Wellbutrin has helped anyone else in similar ways?

chuckms1960 29 Oct 2016

I took Wellbutrin too and come to think of it, my fibromyalgia pain began soon after. Maybe it was helping and I had no idea.

Thanks for something to think about going forward to manage my pain.

I'm interested in the other ant-depressants since Wellbutrin eventually did stop helping that problem.

suzmarie 29 Oct 2016

I've taken three of the four medications in the past. One helped with peripheral nerve pain when the weather outside became cold. Another helped my mood, but did nothing for the pain even though my doctor said that "better mood must be due to less pain". The third drug made me physically sick (nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fainting). I think that it depends on the individual person and their need for another layer of pain relief. I would make sure that you really need another drug before taking any of these because they have nasty side effects and I've seen people have awful withdrawal symptoms upon ceasing to use them. Good luck!

Inactive 29 Oct 2016

Hi Chuckme: Thank you so much for your input. Ever since I posted the original question here, back in February, I have tried to quit Wellbutrin a time or two again. Each time, I feel really good for the first week or two, then I start feeling pain; lower back pain, joint pain (especially in my knees), I get edema in my knees, and my stomach starts giving me trouble again. I have experimented with this enough times to know that it is not my imagination!!
If wellbutrin masked your fibromyalgia, but you were diagnosed with it later, well, wouldn't that be a good thing that the wellbutrin helped alleviate that fibromyalgia pain for you? I would be happy about that if it were me. I personally do not want to start taking pain medications (cause constipation) or Nsaids (Advil) and naproxen sodium (Aleve), because they cause me extreme stomach distress. free discount card

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