My wife has been fighting depression, migraines, and asthma for years. It is only getting worse. We added some B vitamins years ago to help with asthma, and they helped. Some magnesium citrate for migraines, and Vitamin D,and folic acid for depression. She also has Acid re-flux, and has taken Ompeprazole for years. This all seemed to work to some degree for a while, but not so much any more. The asthma seemed to go away entirely for years, and did not require medication at all. All 3 ailments returned despite the supplements. She has been on bupropion for a long time, Clonazapam for several years. She has also takes Verapamil, and zonisamide, for years. Pain killers are various triptans, Nucynta, and opium derivatives. also Ambien, Temazapam, Halcion. Herbal supplements Butterbur and Feverfew. She continues to try other prescriptions, but these are what she has been on for any length of time.