I have been on anti-anxiety medicine for 5 years now. I have tried all kinds but most recently had been on Lexapro 30mg for over a year. The doctor wanted me to try to this new "Viibryd" so I agreed even though I really wanted to discontinue all medicine and see how I would do without any as I am trying to handle this anxiety naturally - yoga, exercise, diet, therapy, etc...
Anyways, I did what the doctor instructed to withdraw from Lexapro while increasing Viibryd at the same time. I did 2 weeks of this transition (week 1 - Lex 20, Viibryd 10. week 2 - Lex 10, Viibryd 20) and on the 3rd week was right on Viibryd 40 only. I was crying and very moody and emotional for the 2 week transition. After only a week, I had experienced a terrible panic attack which culminated into a major nervous breakdown.
The doctor told me to immediately stop the viibryd as I was experiencing a bad reaction because I had too much serotonin. I felt miserable. could not get out of bed or work. The doctor said i needed a few days to get out of my system. I did that and decided that if i was getting everything out of my system, i may as well try to not take any antidepressants anymore. The doctor said i would experience withdrawl symptoms, but with rest and periodic xanax i should resolve in about a week. At the end of the week, i developed a bad cold and found out i had a sinus infection and bronchitis which i am now on antibotic for. I am starting to feel better from the sinus/bronchitis, but now these continuous "motion sick" feelings/nauseous/headache/trouble seeing items closely are still around and i have been off the AD's for 2 weeks now.
As i have an anxiety issue, I am worried that my symptoms are something else since i thought the withdrawl would be over by now... at least that is what the doctor said. Why do I still feel like this? I want a fresh start to life without AD's but i am just not physically able to do anything with constant headache/motion sick/eye movement focusing problems every second of the day! help!