The anti depressant should also enhance pain medication, off label use for nerve pain in legs. Pt had work related back injury (3 injury in one night) 2 ruptured discs neck, comp fx T7, and herniations in with Annular Tears L4, L5 and S1. Increased pain cases increased increased migraines to the point or gave herself injections, or oral rescue meds. Her ins will no longer cover it (Indep Medicaid) and it costs $345. Or is recently divorced, has had 4 back surgeries since 2010. Pristiqi was the only med that kept mood stable and help the nerve pain in her legs. She's been off of it for 2 weeks and leg pain is increasingly worse, as are migraines and mood. Is there a med that is a close comparison - that won't cause migraines, or weight gain. She's already had an issue where he TSH went up to 9.2 and she gained 50 pounds. Either the pharmacy has to see that this med truly helps Her and allows it, or they encourage just giving something else in the meantimeZ it has to be re ordered