Hi all,

I'm 24 years old and have had IBS-D for 12 years (also have Crohn's Disease, Chronic Abdominal Pain and have battled with CDIFF off and on for just under a decade) and have literally tried everything known to man.

I have tried the no medication way, the homeopathic way, the holistic approach, the mind/body/soul/exercise approach, the changing my diet 100% , trying all different types of medication, acupuncture, oils, vitamins, probiotics, etc. You name it and I have done it.

It used to be so bad (when I was on no medication) that I lost my job and had to quit school because of the excruciating abdominal pain that led me to the hospital at least 3-5 times a month. Finally my primary doctor put me on Tramadol - pain medication, 50MG, 1 tablet once a day - and it saved my life. I was able to go back to school, maintain a great job, go out and have fun with friends, eat almost whatever I wanted to, etc. Then they took me off this medication because they don't believe it's a good idea to be on a pain med for life, also because research has shown that it can actually make you more sensitive to pain in the long run - which I agreed on as well, it just sucks going back to square one.

I can deal with the diarrhea and going to the bathroom 40 times a day, feeling bloated, being extremely full after eating a piece of toast, etc. Those symptoms are a walk in the park compared to the excruciating pain that I have on a daily basis. And the only thing I haven't tried - according to every doctor I come in contact with - is trying an antidepressant, but I'm very weary of going on a medication like that. I have heard that it's changed some peoples lives who have IBS, and for others, it didn't do much. I am desperate and wondering if any fellow IBS sufferers have tried an antidepressant and what their experience is. Please help!

Thank you!