Hi, I have been on several antidepressants in the past and have yet to find the right one or combination. What I am looking for is an anti-depressant that will give me energy and motivation and a desire to socialize again (instead of simply laying in bed all day). However, a major problem I suffer from is high anxiety and have heard that many 'energizing' antidepressants can increase anxiety. Therefore, I am also looking for something that will help with my anxiety but not make me feel tired all day. An aside- I am also prescribed concerta for ADD but even that fails to keep me up with certain medications.

Medications I have tried in the past:
-effexor- did not find it to be particularly effective
-remeron- thought this helped my depression when I was at my lowest but it made me way too tired throughout the day
-brintellix- I felt like it was helping but I started to experience too many side effects with extreme itching and rashes
- wellbutrin- dr. prescribed this as an add-on with the brintellix- seems to work ok as an add-on but not alone
- cymbalta- started taking this (along with the wellbutrin) about 4 weeks ago (2 weeks at 20 mg, 2 weeks at 40 mg). Initially I was really hopeful because I felt like it was helping with my anxiety but for the past week I have felt extremely exhausted all day (even with the wellbutrin and concerta)

So does anyone have any suggestions?? I am starting to get really, really discouraged and would appreciate any input.

Also, I am willing to start trying some TCAs so if anyone has had any positive results or suggestions about TCAs I would be interested to hear them.

Thank you so much for any suggestions or input. It is greatly appreciated