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What antidepressant is least likely to affect libido and/or weight gain?

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Factfinder411 24 Jul 2013

Wellbutrin I was told helps with weight loss from my shrink bc I tried Paxil and gain 20lbs. I barely eat due to ulcers, so you just may want to ask what your options are.

RonMan 24 Jul 2013

This depends on the individual, and results can vary widely. Wellbutrin is listed as having few sexual side effects and no weight issues. So is Vibryd; however, there have been individual reports of problems with both.

Personally, neither problem has appeared for me with either drug, and my research has shown this to be true for about 97% of users. If you are in that small fraction that reacts to either of these, then all bets are off.

Please talk to your psychiatrist about your concerns. (S)he can be more specific, perhaps with other drugs that I have not used, based on your history and symptoms.


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