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Antibiotic eyelid infection?

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caringsonbj 15 Apr 2011

first I apologize for not responding sooner than this there have been some problem with this site, if you could be just a little clearer do you actually have an infection of your eyelid? or are you on an antibiotic for an infection to the eyelid? Again I apologize there are many caring, good, compassionate friends who are willing to help in any way possible. Please post again we truely do care! and just give a little more information~

Inactive 15 Apr 2011

I had an infectin of one eyelash. Was driving me crazy,so I finally pulled it out. At a visit shortley thererafter to my doctor for something unrelated, I told him about it & he said "don't ever pull out your eyelashes" He put me on a short term antibiotic & it went away. So if it's that or just the eye lid I would check with your doctor first. A lot of antibiotic creams like neosporin or triple antibiotic cream are not intended for use near the eye... free discount card

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