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What anti-smoking drugs can be taken with meds to treat bipolar disorder?

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fayfaith 8 May 2014

Wellbutrin XL / Bupropion HCL XL Or just Wellbutrin I believe, my doctor prescribed that for me. And I think it would of worked If I had continue taking it. To help Stop Smoking n to treat the illness. Good luck :)

Trinabell 9 May 2014

Hello all. Fayfaith i had the opposite reaction to Wellbutrin. I did quit smoking while on it but I almost stabbed my husband without cause. If i hadnt had a split second of clarity & yelled @ my hubby to leave he never wouldve seen the knife or knew what killed him. No exaggeration. When I saw my Dr he explained less than 1% of the world can have "homicidal urges" from Wellbutrin. Talk to your Dr, see what options are available to you & pick 1 with the least risk of reactions. Good luck!

fayfaith 9 May 2014

Of course you always have to check-in with your doctor,can't get the (meds) without him/her. Let Us know how it turns out? :)

DzooBaby 9 May 2014

You need to ask your Dr or pharmacist. It depends on what meds you are on.

WildcatVet 9 May 2014

Hi, free! You'll have to consult with your doctor and have him prescribe what's safest. With your history and being on BP meds Chantix and Zyban may be out of the question for you.
There's always Nicorette maybe...
Good luck! It's great that you're considering quitting. WCV free discount card

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