Hi yall, i'm back, i was wondering is there an antidepressent medication, that deals with, panic attacks. First of all i've tried zoloft, still had anxiety, and panic attacks. Also the same with prozac, panic attacks/anxiety. Didn't help. I tried buspar,it wore off about a year.I am currently on two mg. of klonipin at bed time.I have been on it for about a year and a half, an i does not achieve the same effect, when i first started taking it.I'm used to it.I don't have the panic attacks, but i have the anxiety. With this anxiety comes with depression.I work out 3 times a week, but i don't feel the endorphins, kick in after i'm finished working out. So after i finished working out, and cool down, I start to feel the anxiety kick in about 2 hours later. The anxiety feel like a rapid heartbeat. I also play basketball, twice a week. I was wondering is there an anti-depressent that helps with this anxiety.I'm schizo-affective, and live alone.Is there hope. when i go to bed i feel the rapid heartbeat.It's kind of frustrating, to deal with.