Ive been on ortho tricylcen lo for 3 months and im now into my 3rd sugar pill... how ever earlier this month i got put on anti biotics for a uti on the friday after the sunday start, and i only took three or four anti biotics for 3 days but not in a row (when I say 3 or 4 I mean in total not how many I took that day.) 2 or 3 days later I had unproteced sex, he did not finnish in me but i still know about precum and its always possible. I did not take antibiotics those few days before i had sex and I wasnt really taking my anti biotics day by day and never ended up finnishing them. (Only because i was also drinking alot of water and cranberry juice so it did flush my uti out.) I always take my pill on time and never missed on the whole 3 months I was on it. What are the chances that Im pregnant though? Was my birth control totally weakend down for me to have a high risk of pregnacy? I Dont have any early preg signs i just feel a bit light head today which is not normal for me, im just asking because i only did end up taking about 4 pills in total and not in a row, i also didnt take them about 3 days before having sex.