I have panic attacks anytime I get blood drawn, a shot, basically anything involving a needle. Last time I got blood drawn, the doctor had me take .25mg of Xanax and it did absolutely nothing to help with the panic attack. I always pass out while getting my blood drawn and the only difference this time was that I stayed I unconscious for much longer than usual. This week, I had to have an injection in my hand because I have JRA. Since the Xanax didn't help last time, I took 10mg of Valium, which I was told is much stronger. I took it an hour before the injection so it would kick in, and I didn't eat breakfast (the pharmacist told me to do that) Again, it did nothing to help the panic attack. I had poor motor control when I took it and had the chills. However, I still had a horrible panic attack and the doctor left the room and had to try the procedure twice. My regular doctor was worried that my body wouldn't be able to handle the high dosage of Valium (I only weigh 103 lbs) but it didn't help my anxiety at all. I have never taken any other medication for anxiety or depression or ADHD so there is no way I could have a built up tolerance. I'm just wondering why such a high dosage of Valium didn't help my panic attack at all.