I have been on 130 mg. Antara for several years for contol of very high triglycerides. Blood tests have all been good. Now my Dr. wants to add 40 mg. simvistatin as he says my cholesterol LDL is too high all of a sudden. I see that taking these two drugs is a MAJOR drug interaction. If the Antara is not keeping my cholesterol in check along with the triglycerides, should the Antara be discontinued? Taking both is not safe. Will the simvastatin keep my triglycerides low and lower my LDL as well? In years past, my triglycerides were dangerously high but my cholesterol has been good all along. Now all of a sudden things are not good with the LDL. I question the most recent bloodtests - that maybe the results were not accurate. No matter what, I am not sure I should take both medicines. I can not put myself in position to have my triglycerides elevate. They were off the scale a few years back and having another pancreatitus attack is not in something I want to have happen again. It has been suggested that high triglycerides is a cause of a pancreatitus attack. I do not drink. The triglycerides were the cause.