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Antabuse - Im an alcoholic.need to be abstinent 6mths.does it work pyschologicaly?

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Sideffects2 7 Apr 2010

It will make you physically sick, if you continue to drink alcohol and take Anatabuse. ie expect to vomit and feel nauseous UNLESS you quit drinking. Good luck sticking to it!

Inactive 2 May 2012

Hello bonnyleigh1. That is exactly how the drug works. Knowing that as long as you do not ingest/drink alcohol, nothing will happen. No drink, no reaction. Regards pledge

sanesquirrel 20 May 2017

Yes in the sense that you get used to not drinking, and thus build your arsenal of coping and alternative living/activity mechanisms. But no in the longer term sense. Antabuse is aversion therapy; you're abstaining under threat of the worst physical nightmare imaginable, right? That's not the same as abstaining because you've found real life reasons not to. So, the chance you'll go right back to drinking when you're off it -- or even when you're on it** -- are huge. There's a short-term psychological boost, almost a magic trick, with the drug because it takes the decision (battling brain) out of it (major caveat: sort of.) But it's a pretty brutal approach. I have a friend who's been on it for months and sings its praises, but I haven't seen her once she's off it. free discount card

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