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What ant\ibiotic can I take if Im allergic to penicillin?

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rc4 9 Jan 2013

Ask about tetracycline . It is a very effective and strong anti-biotic, thats all I can think of besides the drugs they typically give you for MRSA…Good luck!

cupcake7667 9 Jan 2013

I am allergic to penicillin as well. First of all there's different classes of antibiotics as well as specific antibiotics for different infections. You would want to avoid amoxicillin. Erythromycin and my all time favorite, Zithromax, otherwise known as a Z pack are safe to use among others but again depends on what you're treating.Z packs are great because they come in a 3 day dose pack or more commonly a 5 day dose pack so you're not on antibiotics for extended periods of time as they wipe out healthy bacteria and we are seeing more and more germs resistant to bacteria such as MRSA. Your doctors and pharmacist should be notified of your allergy. Best!

Lisa01 9 Jan 2013

As you've read, there are any number of antibiotics you can use. It's important to let your Dr know you're allergic, he'll be able to prescribe one that you can use. It's equally important to let your regular pharmacy know your allergy. They'll store it in their system which will kick back a warning if you're prescribed penicillin, or any of it's derivatives, in the future.
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