Okay so this is really sort of two questions.

1) I don't understand what being 'sleepy' is. My boyfriend I live with has told me how he feels tired and like he wants to lay down and rest but I don't ever feel that or understand it. I can't just lay down and rest, and I don't understand that. Most the time I just stay up until morning and my body either forces me to conk out. I never feel the mental part though, and it's frustrating. I do have anxiety and alot of the time I will be just sitting around and can't relax because my brain will repeat words or phrases over and over. But when that isn't happening I don't really.. 'Think'. I don't know if it's anxiety but it's all that 'professionals' have ever told me.

#2) Okay, so I am Bisexuality. And have dated plenty of men and women. The thing is when it comes to men I get attached, and have a real relationship. When I am with women though, I (as much as I hate to admit it as a women myself) know how they tick, and I just see them as a means to an end sexually. Like I just tell them what they want to hear, and be everything they want, and then drop them. I don't want to, and I have been serious about one, but I just feel no remorse, and sometimes I joke about it and am nonchalant about it. It confuses me and people who no me and o can't get anyone to yell me why.

Hope I can get some answers.