Why would my psychiatrist give me samples of Vraylar 1.5mg? I suffer from anxiety & depression... not bipolar! Is anyone taking this drug? Taking Xanax for my anxiety, Lyrica for fibromyalgia, meloxicam for my Stenosis & osteoarthritis, omeprezole for upset stomach & acid. I saw him today he told me that I was not feeling well on Duloxetine 20mg. I have only been taken that drug since June of this year. He lowered my dose down from 50mg, then 40mg, then 30 & then 20mg. Started to take it every other day now! He mentioned to stop it completely! So, he gives me 14 sample pills of Vraylar 1.5mg to try. I looked it up and don't like the side effects that I see. If anyone is taking this drug please let me know! Would appreciate your comment. Thanks for your answer