so i have a husband who doesnt understand a dam thing about my mental health issues, depression, panic attacks and anxiety, i was doing great then he has to tell me how he feels hes losing me to this, and that all i do is go on the computer to my support group, or to my church friends. i do this cause i dont want to push him away, ive also been asking him to read up on my illness, cause its real. sometimes i wonder, am i selfish for expecting him not to dump unnecessary garbage on me while im still trying to get out of this whole im in, with my depression and anxiety and panic, or is it selfish of him to know im going thru this yet expect me to be the same. i also talked to him and told him im thinking about getting into kahi mohala, a behavioral help resident treatment center, or queens behavioral health, that way im around the rite people who know how to support me, and that way at the same time i can be put on medication for my disorders. i also came to the conclusion that if hes gonna continue to not read on it and understand that i dont need the added stress , that for my mental sake, i will have to leave for a bit. has anyone ever gone thru this, tonite he pushed me backwards i feel, started to get a bad panic attack and took a double dose, making it 1mg of my xanax, what to do ?