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Anonymous I had my iud put in yesterday. I am 19 with no children. The dr decided the iud was a?

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Emeraldgirl 16 Oct 2013

Hello Kaylinsaloser
The rest of your question has not been posted. If you could add the missing bit we will be able to answer your question.
Take care

BeYondRepair 16 Oct 2013

Kay, what did your doctor decide?? It is a good birth control method, and don't have to remember to take a pill every day or have condoms handy. I do, however suggest condoms, regardless of bith control method, until you are in a monogomous relationship, to protect from sexually transmitted diseases. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your question, as I used the IUD for several years. Hoping to help!!

DzooBaby 16 Oct 2013

The IUD can be a good birth control method-as was posted, you dont have to remember to do anything other than check string placement once a month after your period and the IUD is a long lasting option. I prefer to see it used in women who have had at least one child and here is the reason why. Most women have absolutely no problems with the IUD (which is probably why your Dr thought it would be a good option) but those few who do, it can be devastating to your reproductive organs. The IUD can sometimes embed itself into the uterine wall causing scarring which can affect your ability to get pregnant in the future. Incidence of tubal pregnancies is also higher in women with an IUD. If you get a tubal pregnancy, you lose an unborn child AND a tube (and you only have two tubes) so it makes it more difficult to get pregnant. Most women never have these problems, thank goodness, but for the few who do, if you have no children, this can be devastating! Remember that it is your body. free discount card

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