I am the proud Great-Grandmom of a GORGEOUS BABY GIRL!!! Well, she is my step-great-granddaughter but as far as I am concerned she is my Great-Granddaughter!! Her name is Ezra, and she weighs 7pounds .69 ounces and she is 20and 1/2 inches long!! And she is absolutely gorgeous!! There was a scarry moment right after her birth... her heart was beating, but they couldn't get her to breathe, but , she is ok now and I am happy to say that mommy and baby are doing fine! My granddaughter is exausted, she has been in labor since about 10:00am Tuesday and this is her first baby. But I am soooo very proud of her!! she was really scared, and she was so worried that she was going to have to have a C-section, but she had her vaginally and she did it Natural!! I am just so proud of her!!