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Ankylosing Spondylitis - am I making it worse by trying to do things and aggrivating it?

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Marvell 20 Nov 2009

If you do activities that aggravate it, then yes it will make it worse, but simple exercises can help improve posture and breathing.

dziadzi19 8 Feb 2014

Even mild aqua therapy, just walking back and forth in the pool causes extreme pain for up to 5 days of bed-ridden rest. No matter what little household chores I do, I hurt for days afterwards.

cwish001 15 Oct 2010

This has always been my situation. If I start having a lot of pain I need to two one of two things go for a walk or rest and lay down. Only one is the right answer but I don't know what one it is. Typically with this condition the more mobile you are the better you get and feel. We are kind of the opposite of most aches out there. Common wisdom is to rest but for someone with AS that is usually the worst thing. It can be a visious cylce cause when you rest your mucles get weaker, you get fatter, and thus more pain. Enbrel saved my life but I started narcotics before that and now I have almost no pain but I am having to come off a terrible narcotic dependency. I had to have the narcotic cause with this condition you have to move or you get worse. Once you find what works and are on appropriate treatment (biologics) then you will feel better, I promise :)

jwilliamsmom 1 Aug 2012

It's my understanding that activity is good for us, unless we are inflammed, then we need rest. Exercising inflammed joints causes damage. Right now, my sacroiliac joints are so inflammed the inflammation can be seen on regular x-rays, so I stay off my feet as much as possible. Have you had any scans or x-rays taken lately? What does your bloodwork say? I would discuss this with my RD before I began an exercise program that could cause more damage than help. God bless.

mkaym12 17 Jul 2013

I am new to this, it may sound like a stupid question, but how do we know if we are inflamed?

painintheass 29 Aug 2013

I'm pretty bad and the only time I feel alright is while im working and carrying stuff, just walking a little way my shoulders feel like they weigh 200 pounds
, it seems at least with me the more i didnt do ten years ago i can't do now.

jebnow 6 Sep 2013

This is such a great question! I battle this issue every single day. It certainly is a vicious cycle between having to rest, doing activities and then resting again.
I take it slow each morning and gradually work myself up to do activities, chores, yoga poses etc. I often question whether or not I should do certain activities or ANYTHING at all. I wish I could give you an absolute answer as to which is best- rest or activity. I think It just depends on each person and their own pain levels. I wish you luck!! Take Care
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